5 Best Sites to get FREE and REAL Views for YouTube! (YouTube exchange system)

One of the ways to get YouTube views for free is to use exchange platforms.

These platforms can also be seen as places where all users can help each other to increase the exposure of their videos or channels.

To get views from these sites you don’t have to spend a penny – you just have to watch other YouTubers’ videos – and you will get only real views from real people.

The idea behind these “exchange” sites is very similar to the old and famous “sub4sub”, where we watch someone else’s video and get points by doing it. With those points, you can then set up promotion campaigns for your own video…and other real users will watch your video.

There are many sites like this, but not all of them are reliable and some will require too much work to get points.

For this reason, in this article, we talk about the 5 best sites to get free (and real) views for YouTube.

5 Best Sites to Get YouTube Views for Free

We tested and picked the 5 best websites for free and real YouTube views. Please note that they are not in order, each of these sites has some different features, pros and cons that we included in our reviews.

So, let’s get started!

1. Growviews

While many of the most reliable exchange sites are quite old (10+ years in the game), GrowViews is the exception here, being launched just recently. But due to some of his unique features, the site made it into our top 5.

What is really special about this site is that you don’t have to manually click each new task to get points, but everything happens in the background.

How it works? Quite simple:

  • LOGIN: You need create an account or login.
  • RUN THE PLAYER: Then, click the play button to let the player work in background. The player will play other videos from users around the world and for each view you will get credit, which can then be used to purchase views for your own video.
  • GET VIEWS: Choose the videos for which you would like to exchange credit for “views” from other users around the world!
This is the screenshot to “run the player” that will automatically watch videos and get points for you

And, if you wanna get free and real videos, you simply have to create campaigns with your own links. Just add a video link and decide how many clicks you want to get and the minimum watch time!

Then, you can set campaigns on your own videos. I know the screenshot is quite small, but as you can see you can decide how many seconds the user will watch.

The main goal of GrowViews is to work automatically while you are doing other stuff.

One great thing about GrowViews is that they have their own analytics to track the views.

✔️ Detailed analytics
✔️ Can select view duration
✔️ Can select a country location
✔️ Works in background

❌ Google Chrome is not supported!

Visit GrowViews and get free views!!

2. YTMonster

Real user engagement is key to growing your YouTube channel.

With YTMonster, you can easily get more views, subscribers, likes, and comments, and the best thing is that you can even get them for free.

As soon as you have signed up on YTMonster you can take a few minutes to visit their tutorial section to learn how it works.

What makes YTMonster stand out? In my opinion, there are two things:

  • The interface: this website has by far the most modern and best designed user dashboard
  • The support: In case you need it, there is live chat, ticket system and also feedback reporting. And the support is top notch with most of your questions being answered within the day.
Live chat service on YTMonster

You can get points by watching other people’s videos and you can then use those points to promote your own videos, by selecting the watch time (view length) and the number of views you need.

To earn credits…
Watch, like, comment or subscribe to other users’ videos and channels.

To start campaigns…
Use your credits to run Campaigns for views, likes, subscribers, and comments.

✔️ Dashboard interface
✔️ Good customer support
✔️ Can select view duration

❌ More “expensive” than other sites

Visit YTMonster and get free views

3. Addmefast

With AddMeFast you can get infinite points and promote unlimited accounts without even spending a single penny.

these are the points I have in my account now which can give me more than 4k views

Some cool facts about AddMeFast!

  • AddMeFast.com has been online for about 8 years.
  • It has more than 14 Million registered users and 1Million monthly active users.
  • There are 30 different ways from 14 networks to boost your social presence. (even tho of course most of us are just interested in YouTube!).

Once you earned points, you can then start promoting your own videos and you can also select the CPC (cost per click).

Lower CPC means you get more views with fewer points, but it will be slower since users prefer to watch videos with high points rewards.

As you can see, you can also select the country target

Once again, it is an exchange system so it works in a similar way as the other sites, anyway here is a description of what the site does:

“AddMeFast is a perfect tool for singers, gamers, media firms and people who have YouTube content. On addmefast, you’ll get fast views for your content and at the retention of your choice, which will move your videos to the top of the search page.

You can also improve your presence on Youtube by having more channel subscribers. Your videos will be available to more and more users on Youtube.

And what’s best is that you can get it all for free, with quality and in the quickest way possible.”

✔️ Fair earned points/campaign cost ratio
✔️Can select view duration
✔️ Can select the country location
✔️ You can decide your CPC

❌ Support is not always fast
❌ You need to click the links manually

Visit AddMeFast and get free views

4. WeBooster (outdated, removed)

When it comes to WeBooster, it works the same way as other sites, but the difference is that it is not a website actually. It is in fact an app or an “extension” for Google Chrome, which makes it very handy to use.

WeBooster will allow you to grow youtube channels and also increase views on your videos.

The extension will allow you to set up and track campaigns in one click and once you start it, the extension will take control of one of your tabs and watch videos.

One more thing to know is that, unlike other sites, this app will require you to log in with Google which, for some, can be a negative thing.

How to get credits?

You only need to open the WeBooster extension panel, click the start button. Then you only need to complete the actions for example watching videos, liking them and subscribing to the channels. And you will be paid with credits,

How to run campaigns?

To run a campaign you must have at least 100 credits. Then you can simply add your link and decide how many views you want and the watch time.

So Webooster is a cool Chrome extension intended to boost youtube video views but also other metrics such as likes and subs. In fact, when you use Webooster, you can get free YouTube views, free YouTube likes, and free YouTube subscribers.

WeBooster is a traffic sharing platform developed by a Youtube video maker to increase the video statistics of the YouTube channels efficiently and safely. It can help expand your YouTube channel to get more and more shares, likes and subscribers.

✔️ It’s an extension so more simple to use
✔️ Can select view duration

❌ You need to login with Google

Download WeBooster from Google Chrome Store

5. FollowFast.com

This website allows you to gain points by liking pages on Facebook sites or watching YouTube videos. But there are a variety of other winning strategies. You have tasks for social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, Reddit, and others. The amount of money you make is determined by the amount of time you put in.

Apart from earning points by liking and following, you can also earn points from referrals, or you can directly buy points. You also get daily bonus points for free.

After you have gathered some points you can start your campaigns and set a CPC for the likes and followers you want.

✔️ Set your own CPC
✔️ Many ways to earn points

❌ Fewer coins per task equals slow earning

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